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nature’s creed



Let love and respect
be creed
not greed
which guides us
in nature


Never lose faith in the righteous path toward freedom, justice and equality in this great nation.  These values are founding bedrock.  They continue to lead, to compel us forward without fear, favor, doubt or delay.‎

Policy is Poetry


colorado river jim_trodelPolitics is dirty.  This year a denigrating war of words, misdeeds, rank “yo mama yo wife yo size or your sweat” contests of public insults and criminally verbal assaults, a street scrap of personal destruction between brethren, citizens all.

Driven to win, corrupted by cameras, criticism, profit or promises, the worst of campaigns shoot for hollow headlines – lights/cameras/action/megaphoned mics- pitted against the best of campaigns to lead further this most magnificent, successful young republic forged in fortitude from frontiers forward.

Politics is dirty.  But policy – sweet policy – is poetry.  Envisioning, crafting, tweaking, implementing.  Then painting the policy canvas -perfecting organic programs, living breathing works that work for human beings, for you and me our families and neighbors – for public consumption, a gift for us to explain how, why and where it works.  From genesis to revelations, policy at its best is ministry in purpose to serve.

Example: water policy.  Our water works.  It -needs- to work.  Water is -the- lifeblood without which each breath is unpossible, our most valued natural resource right under our noses, polluted now by over population, over allocation, mismanagement, trash and plastic, bled dry and struck by drought – a 15 year drought around the beautiful Colorado – leaving people poisoned, lands parched, business trickling, crops and animals thirsty, lawns brown, water to run down the street, into sewers and forgotten rivers, choked by garbage and chemicals, sucking pollutants through soil and sands, draining, evaporating and some flowing yet again, less and less.

Water -is- life, powering plants, feeding livestock and municipalities, cooking food, turning on the lights, fountains and car washes.  For too many it’s just money, liquid gold, feeding greed and addiction, casinos and broken lives in a desert or clogged as a cheap old tire dump.

Whether man made or naturally occurring, the result is the same: we are in a water crisis, in need of a national solution, a clean, secure, stable, reliable water supply.  The need is real, it’s urgent, it’s here, it’s measurable and getting worse. Dwindling supplies cost money and hurt families, communities, loved ones, four or 2 footed or multipedal or none, all innocent life… and no one can solve it but us.  And if we don’t, we pay more, one way or the other, in prevention or damages, health and lives, for flooding, drowning, drought, energy, taxes and forest fires.  No one and no living thing can survive without clean water and no one should.  Are you willing NOT to act?  I’m not.

The mighty Colorado upon which 40 million lives depend feeds reservoirs half their capacity, bathtub rings and riparian zones scream for water, for action, from levels not seen in nearly 100 years.  Too many straws in the drink.  If we don’t stop the leak, stop it now, who will?  When?

Like code, graceful, thoughtful public policy is poetry.  Good lasting federal policy seeks to immediately, eternally assist all who come, country most first, the world to follow, the honor, responsibility, the duty to lead with humility, heart and good intent, and if/then, leading all humanity in our blessed world.

Successful policy is partnership, all minds on deck, all souls in – creating, listening, studying, fixing – a perfect work in progress, in pursuit of safety and stability, prosperity and peace.  If one among us has no peace, no food, no shelter or water, none will.  None should.

I have zero doubt in our ability to achieve this perfect union.  Thanks to the gifts of my parents, I am cursed with blind faith in myself, in the good in people around me, bright minds, brilliant teams, dedicated lives, a hard work ethic, a strong moral compass, a solid rudder.

Pass, finance and build a comprehensive water works project to save, cleanse, stabilize and secure the nation’s water supply.  This solution I wrote a few years ago ripples like the water crisis it solves, to jobs, infrastructure, economy, public health, energy, climate mitigation, ecology, environment, agriculture, ranching, forests, trees, wildlife, recreation and homeland security and beyond.

Clean water is an unalienable right we can supply, solve and secure.

We can so we must so we will.  Together.