WITNESS: Russian Interference

April 17, 2018 

First Trump Intimidation Videos and Pictures

Political Activist, Water Warrior, Peace and Prosperity Policy Lover


I am witness to, target of and living breathing evidence in the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.  The following pictures and videotape are the first published images of actual Trump/Russian mob intimidation tactics. 

My most frequent thug is named Andy, or so he told me.  These video images were recorded in February and March of this year, 2018.  As the Special Counsel’s office closed in on them, the Trump people increased their intimidation crimes against me.

The videos represent just some of the many incidents of harassment, menacing, intimidation and much worse perpetrated by the Trump campaign, family, Russian nationals and private security dating back at least to early 2016.



Me: "You say you don't work for the Trumps?" Andy: "I have nothing to say." He previously said he did not work for the Trumps Me: "Then how come you're only here when the Trumps are here." DJTJr lives at the other end of the block
Andy's car with other Trump private security parked farther down the block after I reported him. His is the last car in the video. One of the drivers who I believe had a Russian accent said he was told to just sit in the car.
View of Andy's car from above and the entire block. There are plenty other parking spaces. I grew accustomed to checking for their cars before I walked out of the apartment and looking over my shoulder as I walked New York City streets.

On April 3, 2016, my computer was hacked from Ukraine, a break-in that triggered a computer warning and left digital fingerprints.  In about June or July 2016, Paul Manafort and his minions invaded my gym and locker room, menacing, physically, aggressively brushing by me repeatedly.  DTJr, et al, tried to intimidate me on a nearby street corner.  In winter of 2016/17, I was nearly attacked on my street at 6am by an assailant who then ran across the street to Trump SUVs.       

Blind spot next to construction wall/stairwell where 6am assailant waited. He was no more than a few feet away from me to my left.  Once I passed, he walked up behind me.  I heard him, turned around and looked at him.  He then ran across the street to Trump SUVs
Blind spot (lighting enhanced) construction wall/stairwell where near assailant was hiding.
Trump SUVs across the street











I was nearly kidnapped from a corner one block over.  In 2017, two of their donors, I’m told a married couple, physically brushed by me in a restaurant then staked me out inside the store I walk through on my way home from church.

Over the past two months, Trump crime family operatives, thugs and Russian spies have passed by me on my street, one within one foot of me on the sidewalk, reaching into his right front pocket about 10 paces away as he approached me.  He did not appear to be DOJ, NYPD, any private security that may be assigned to me or a local resident on our quiet narrow residential one-way side street at the edge of Manhattan island.  My sense, based on others I’ve seen in these actions, was that he is Russian.  Once he saw me, he looked at my face intently, as if to identify me.  He reached into his right front pocket and pulled out a phone.  He looked at the phone, then back at me several times as if to confirm identity.  I was power walking fast to my work out spots.  He put the phone up to his ear as he passed by me close enough to brush my arm.  This was shortly after the poisonings in the UK.  Once passed me, he crossed the street.  I became more curious, cut my workout short and came back within about half hour.  I crossed the street where he did and looked around the other side of the block and found two others.  They were on the other side of the block, speaking Russian, one agitated, standing next to two work trucks.  I reported it to authorities including the description of his clothing and hair.  On the week of 4/23/2018, again on my way to my workout, the pocket digger was out there again just a few buildings down from mine – with a new haircut.

They park in front of my building, have been inside my building, inside the building elevators I step into right outside my apartment door and apparently inside my apartment.  I took these early morning pictures of Andy out front on March 22, 2018.  The following morning, on March 23rd, about the same time of day, I walked to the grocery a block away.  When I returned I found my computer sitting on my dining table was almost completely destroyed from physical damage.

Close up of Thump thug Andy in front of my building.
Front view of one of Andy’s cars.  He’s sometimes in another car without the hood ornament. Another driver  I spoke to in this group had a Russian accent.  I didn’t catch his name but he said his job was just to “sit in the car.”


Andy in his car in front of my building.  He and others have been here so many times to intimidate me, I started taking pictures.  There are many more. 


They’re targeting a private citizen, an American woman on American soil, invading US sovereignty in a crowded city sometimes in broad daylight where a woman walks alone a few steps from her front door, a grown woman involved in an unannounced plan as a federal administrator. A nuclear armed foreign adversary trying to destabilize Western democracies cyber-invaded and physically endangered an incoming US Presidential team.  They physically endangered an unannounced incoming federal administrator working on a non-partisan life saving policy.  They continue to threaten my life, invading my privacy and security with computer hacking, intimidation, stalking, menacing, near assault and near kidnapping, all extremely dangerous, all state and/or federal crimes, all very serious violations of my civil rights, a very serious attack on the United States of America and therefore her allies. They’re doing so because they’re afraid of who I am, what I wrote and what I know.
I’m a former investigative reporter, a Kiplinger Fellow with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the Kiplinger Public Affairs Reporting Program at The Ohio State University in a state in which I was born and raised.  In 2012, I wrote a formidable water policy creating sweeping federal, state and local economic and environmental benefits, an independent water authority, the establishment of water as a human right and benefits for every American.  And I am a very serious eye-witness to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

As I first wrote for a speech I never gave at the DNC in 2016, water is life.  This base reality of life on earth is now widely used as a rallying cry at Standing Rock, printed on bags, t-shirts, posters, painted on abandoned sheds and translated to Lakota as Mni Wiconi.  2 million people in the US are living in pockets of water poverty – 3rd world conditions – in every state of the union. 

There are 5300 communities like Flint, Michigan with lead contaminated water systems.  In the southwestern US, 40% of the Navajo Nation has no running water. 13% of all tribal lands within US borders lack clean running water.

Native elder with water is life headband. I found one Navajo woman in her 90’s living on tribal lands who had never had running water in her home her entire life.

The non-partisan policy’s underlying principle values water over oil.  Through years of watching national developments and studying research on drought, deaths, flooding, water damage, water mismanagement, overallocation and poor urban planning, I discovered the water policy was much more valuable and desperately needed than I initially realized. 

A safe, reliable, clean water supply is imperative to public health of course, especially in hardest hit lower-income communities where polluters prefer to locate refineries, spew their filth and neglect public water infrastructure.  The policy creates a massive number of infrastructure jobs and an extended robust economic boom in the US, secures environmental protections for clean water, manages flooding, forest fires and storm waters and further secures national security.  An attack on any nation’s water supply is a deadly attack on its very sovereignty and stability.  Worth trillions to this nation and benefits to every citizen directly or indirectly, my water policy uses some existing liquid pipelines, builds new and repairs other water infrastructure and applies extensive water conservation variables to secure the earth’s most important natural resource.  Compiling earth sciences, the work of wonderful water scholars, river lovers and extensive global data, the policy also revealed itself to be quite valuable as exportable expertise.  It saves untold numbers of lives.  And frankly it feels like spreading seeds of prosperity all over the world.   

All good, right? 

Yes, except it was not good for the Trumps, their personal financial interests, their Big Oil US backers and Russian co-conspirators.  The problem for the Trump syndicate is that my simple water policy is far superior than any initiative they have or could have created despite their unattributed claims to my work recently in Ohio.  And it would cost the Trump syndicate a $500b oil deal with Rosneft, Russian’s state-run oil company and so much more of the nearly inestimable trillions of dollars in global oil profits. 

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton had the water policy and me in her back pocket, bulldozers idling, ready to dig up crumbling lead pipes and save lives the minute the race was called.  Trump conspired with a hostile foreign adversary to stop us.  They conspired against the interests of the American public desperate for economic and environmental relief and a clean future to steal the election from Hillary, her team and the American people because of water.  

Because … water.